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Default Re: Soft Vehicles: Utility, Light, Medium and Heavy Trucks

Soviet Ammo Trucks and Barge Carrier

Soviet Ammo Trucks

Ammo Truck...unit 230...Light Ammo Truck..size 2...4x2...Avail until 12/41
Ammo Truck...unit 332...Med Ammo Truck...size 3...4x2...Avail from 1/42

The Soviets have two ammo trucks available. A size 2 available until Dec 1941, and a size 3 available from Jan 1942. Both ammo trucks are 2WD.

One possibility is to make both available for the whole war.

The size 2 could be a GAZ-M415 light truck, small and quite fast (about speed 22).
The size 3 could be a GAZ Medium Truck 6x4, a bit slower (speed 18) but 4WD.

Ammo Truck unit 230
Available until 12/41
Size: 2
Speed: 15
Drive: 4x2
Crew 2

Possible changes:
1. Could make available until the end of the war, or 1946
2. Could give this unit a light truck icon.
Current icon looks like a size 4 truck.
Could use a GAZ-M415 light truck icon.
3. Could give this truck the GAZ-M415 speed of 90 Kmh

Ammo Truck unit 332
Available from 1/42
Size: 3
Speed: 18
Drive: 4x2
Crew: 2

Possible changes:
1. Could make available from 1935
2. Could give this unit a medium truck icon.
Current icon looks like a size 5 truck.
Could use a GAZ Medium Truck icon.
The speed of this unit is already correct for a GAZ medium truck.
3. Could make this truck 4WD

This would give the Soviets a choice of ammo carrier: Small and quite fast; or medium size, a bit slower, but 4WD.

Barge Carrier unit 248
Avail: 1/30
Size: 6
Speed: 10
Drive: 4x2
Crew: 6

Could make this Barge carrier a YaG-10, 8 ton, 6x4 truck.
The Yag-10 is a bit longer and narrower than the YaG-6.

The 8-ton YaG-10, built at the Yaroslavl state motor vehicle plant (»YaG« or »YaGAZ«) from 1931 on, was for long the heaviest truck of the Soviet Union.

YaG-10, 8 ton, 6x4
Available: 1931
Made: 333
Speed: 40kmh
Drive: 6x4
Size: 275 x 92 inches (about size 5)

Possible changes:

1. Adjust the speed to 40 Kmh
2. Change drive to 6x4
3. Change icon to the Yag-10
4. Change size to 5
5. Could change name to YaG-10 Barge Carrier

Yag-10 sources:

Icons (my soft vehicle icons are 5 inches per pixel)

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