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Default Re: Soft Vehicles: Utility, Light, Medium and Heavy Trucks

Originally Posted by iCaMpWiThAWP View Post
Yeah, that was it, i guess i'm going to take some time to make a copy of the game so i can mess around with the OOBs.

Btw-What about having the icons skipped in the OOB check routines for secure PBEM? Unless anyone could cheat by changing what they see.
That's a question for the game developers, but I would think any changes to OOB security would be highly unlikely.

I can think of a few ways you could incorporate icons of your choice without security issues:

1. You could just change the generic icons to your personal favourite icons, but you may want them to be somewhat generic.

2. You could change the generic icons to nation specific icons, say German-USA. Which would work best if you mostly play only those nations.

3. Another option is to create a couple of edited SHP files, that are nation specific. So you could create say German-Soviet, German-USA, and German-British SHP files.

Then when you PBEM, or against the AI, just load the SHP files for the nations you are using. This way the trucks will mostly be the correct type.

There are vehicles from the same nation that currently share an icon. And there is at least one icon that's used by German and Allied vehicles. You could always consider it captured.

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