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Default Re: 2018 SPMBT Upgrade Patch

Originally Posted by DRG View Post
13/ MOBHack now allows unit and formation information text files to be edited directly from MOBHack. As with maps all that needs to be remembered is to end a paragraph with a ' * ' and use the same to leave a space between paragraphs.
• UNIT information should be restricted to roughly 150 characters or three medium-length paragraphs.
• FORMATION information can as long as needed as formation Information references a separate screen whereas Unit information does not.
Massive Help - Thank you!

Originally Posted by DRG View Post
27/ For CD owners only .The following menus now include a GOTO feature added .
• Save games List
• PBEM games List
• Tournament games List
• Scenarios List
• Campaign List
• Load and Save Custom Map List in the Main Game and the Custom Editor
Simply press GOTO , enter the slot number you want and then press enter and the screen will update to that position. This addition to the code saves a lot of mouse clicking.
This is awesome - my fingers and mouse say thanks

Originally Posted by DRG View Post
33/ The Information screen in the game encyclopaedia which is also the screen you see when you click on one of your units then press UNIT DATA, now includes a joined hull+ turret Icon , if it's a two piece Icon, a single piece Icon will show normally as a single Icon, at the bottom left of the screen at 1.5 x normal size.

Originally Posted by DRG View Post
Do YOU see all the images with the text ??
Nope just empty space - Firefox on Win 10
Nope but see little "X" boxes IE on Win 10

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