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Default Re: APC Development and related topics.

Some more diving into the Japanese OBAT:

Units 094 (Type 89) and 095 (Type 89 Kai) may have incorrect Weapon #2.

Currently, both have Weapon 158 (Chu-MAT ATGM) as Weapon #2.

In all the sources I can find for the Type 89 IFV:

It is described as having the Type 79 Jyu-MAT ATGM, which is already in the Japanese OBAT as Weapon 157 (Jyu-MAT ATGM).

I decided to take a deep dive into Japanese ATGMs since I was already looking at stuff:


Random Japanese Trivia
Normally, the Acronym for ATGM should be Anti Tank Missile (ATM), but due to social unrest in the 1960s in Japan, since the JGSDF was just getting started, in order to avoid a mistake like ATM = Atom in public perception, the JGSDF decided to call their ATGMs as MAT = Missile Anti Tank.

Type 64 MAT / ATM-1 / Internal Kawasaki Designation KAM-3
There were two versions, ATM-1 and ATM-1B. The -1B version had a lengthened warhead section to increase penetration power, but the missile length remained the same. This was a wired MCLOS missile flying very slowly at 85 m/sec.

Type 79 Jyu-MAT / ATM-2 / Jyu = Heavy / Internal Kawasaki Designation KAM-9
Basically, it is very similar to BGM-71 TOW, and is in the same role (Heavy MAT / 通称重MAT) but with Japanese operational needs taken into mind, such as having a anti-landing craft mode. Wired SACLOS at 200 m/sec flight speed.

Type 87 Chu-MAT / ATM-3 / Chu = Medium / Internal Kawasaki Designation KAM-40
This is in the Middle MAT (中MAT) role, and it was designed to replace the Type 64 MAT for infantry units. Is a Semi Active Laser Homer, with 250 m/sec flight speed.

Type 96 MPMS / ATM-4 / Internal Kawasaki Designation KAM-20
This was designed to replace both the Type 87 Medium MAT and Type 79 Heavy MAT in either role; but ended up being in a completely new category as the first Fiber Optic Wire Guided Missile in service in the West. As before, it includes the usual Japanese "anti-landing craft" mode. Due to the extreme cost of the Type 96 MPMS, only a few were procured.

Type 01 LMAT / ATM-5
Designed as successor for the 84mm Carl Gustaf M2 as an infantry AT weapon. It's an IR homer which contains the first uncooled IR sensor in a ATGM. It's basically like the Javelin and Spike, but Japanese.

MMPM / XATM-6 / Shin-Chu-MAT / Shin = New; so the name means New Medium ATM
This is a IR homer / Semi Active Laser Homer with some technology taken from the Type 01 Light MAT. It was first funded in the 2009 budget, and the first infantry units began to receive them in 2011.

84mm Recoilless Rifle (B) / Carl Gustaf M3
Procurement began in the 2012 budget, with preferential deployment to the Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade followed by the 1st Airborne Brigade. In order to distinguish it from the earlier 84mm Recoilless Rifle (Carl Gustaf M2) procured by the JGSDF, the (B) was appended to the name. Unlike the earlier M2, the M3 will not be purely anti-armor, but a multipurpose weapon.

Random Note
In Japanese Service, the Panzerfaust 3 (Weapon 032 in Japanese OBAT), is named LAM = Light-Weight Anti Tank munition).

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