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Default Re: APC Development and related topics.

So Japanese APCs:


Miscellaneous notes
For Japanese IFVs/APCs/Tanks, the most modern stuff is always deployed to Hokkaido to act as deterrence against Soviet operations from the Kuriles.

Type 60 APC
Because only 338 x Type 73 APCs were built, compared to 430~ Type 60 APCs, the Type 60 continued on until the 2000s, with the following numbers being recorded:

1998: 303 in service
2005: 33 in service
2006: None in Service

From the later part of the 1980s, when Type 60s came into the repair shops, they slowly replaced the front bow machine gun from the original 7.62mm M1919 MMG to the 7.62mm Type 74 MMG (Japanese Weapon #069).

AAV7 Family

In 2013, the JGSDF bought four AAVP7's for reference and testing, followed by orders for 54 more in 2016, for a total of 58 AAVP7s, broken down as:

6 x Command Vehicles (AAVC7A1 RAM / RS)
6 x Recovery Vehicles (AAVR7A1 RAM / RS)
46 x APC Vehicles (AAVC7A1 RAM / RS)

Deliveries took place in mid to late 2017 and in March 2018, the new Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade was formed.
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