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Disk Cold War 2020 Mod for WinSPMBT v5.0

Hello everyone,

At long last, the Cold War 2020 mod update is available for WinSPMBT v5.0!

You can download the installer from this link.

For those who don't know the Cold War 2020 mod already, the idea is the following:
The USSR has not gone bust, the East-West standoff has continued uninterrupted from 1990 all the way to 2020.
Nothing too original, but this means three decades of unfettered force consolidation and military development, FMS and shifting alliances.
Now think about it in wargame terms...

There come Comanches, T-95s, Marder-II, Block-III MBT, and a lot more! No force reduction, no oldies kept in service for decades without replacement, no Shinseki doctrine (well, not too much), now you can have fun wreaking havoc in Germany with the best technology that will never be available!

Now including 30 modified OOBs:
-West Germany
-East Germany
-Yugoslavia (new!)
-Bosnia (new!)
-Croatia (new!)
-Greece (new!)
-South Korea
-North Korea
-Cuba (new!)

Also included are:
-315 new IA picklists
-1318 new icons
-2423 new B&W .lbm pictures
-136 presentation-screen color .lbm pictures
-25 new or modified game sounds
-570 encyclopedia text files
-16 stand-alone scenarios
-1 complete campaign

To play, just install a new, clean version of WinSPMBT v5.0 (that's to prevent wrecking your custom files or your PBEM games), and run the mod installer over it. then open the game utilities and install the custom OOB set.
Please refer to the Readme files for more details on installing and playing.

Also, don't forget the official disclaimer:
[official warning]
"This mod contains highly altered or additional files that may or will cause interference with the master game files and it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that this mod be installed and played ONLY in a separate copy of the game and NOT run from the master game"
[/official warning]

I will get it posted somewhere more permanent someday soon.

Hope you all enjoy it!


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