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Default Re: Cold War 2020 Mod for WinSPMBT v5.0

I've been playing the CWM for a long time now, but only recently decided to install the latest version based on the 5.0 patch. Thank God I didn't install it over my old version though!

Great additions of new nations - however, some serious bugs seem to be present.
- Light Helos seems to have lost their Arty observer role - is this intentional?
- Also, in a meeting engagement I can plot 10 'golden hexes' even though I dont have even a single FO unit! Strange...
- trouble with loading some of the new icons (isolated cases only) - in the editor they're there but they don't show in the game.
- trouble loading save games --- never occurred to me before with this game!

Over the years I developed the CWM into my own version and it works fine, even with the latest 5.5 patch. Just have to change a lot of Icons and stuff, but that's ok. If I don't get the new installation based on patch 5.0 working properly I might just add the four new OOBs to my old installation and change all the icons again.

Still - CWM rulez!!
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