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Default Re: Warhammer Nation: Lizardmen

I should have a skink graphic done by the end of today. They seem a little bit big at the moment (as does the saurus in fact, for a size 2) but skinks in warhammer do seem to be larger than goblins, smaller than humans. That actually gives me quite a few units:

Saurus Warrior (sword)
Saurus Warrior (shield)
Skink (blowpipe)
Skink Archer (poison arrows)
Skink Skirmisher (jav + shield)
Skink Cohort (shield + spear)

The tricky graphics will be the big dinosaurs and the Slann, but overall Lizardmen have a lot less stuff than, say, skaven. Also many of their units are re-equips or recolours of other ones. Sacred spawnings for instance just get different coloured markings, while temple guard are just Saurus with bone helmets and a little bit more decorative gold and stuff.

Glad you like the Saurus so far.
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