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Default Re: DRM questions

I should be getting the full version any day now. When I first saw the price (before playing the demo) I thought, wow, that's almost the price of a AAA title. But after playing the demo (I think I've played it for around 60 hours all total) I realized that I enjoyed the demo more than most full AAA tiles I've played which is why I forked over the cash. I'm really glad I did.

As for DRM, well that's something of a complex subject as I mentioned above. I think @ibol would be more reasonable than most to make allowances here and there wherever it would really be a hindrance to someone playing the game.

I made the mistake of objecting when really, I am a corner case to the extreme. I probably should have waited until I found the DRM to be problematic (if that would actually happen) and found no other solution. And I suppose for the time being that is going to determine its future in the game. If most players really can get by without more than three unique activations then it will likely remain. If that ends up being more trouble than it's worth, then the developer would likely revisit just as he would with game balance issues. In the short time I've been involved with playing I've found @ibol to be quite responsive so there's that to consider also.
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