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Default Re: Another New Scenario Coming soon!

Originally Posted by hellfire23 View Post
Going by your call sign CaptainPellew I take it you also like the Napoleonic era Naval history,or is it just the Hornblower series?

I too would love to do new ship art graphics,but I have found no way to convert the files to png etc,over at the Matrix Game forum,I have done a huge amount of art and scenarios for War Plan Orange.I would love to do something for this game also.

As for the new game mod,I have been play testing for over a week now,and all seems well with it,so I will be making the Scenario available on Monday after some more little tweaks.
Yes, big great Age of Sail fan as well as Hornblower, I mostly go by CaptainTorry or CaptainRockwellTorry, but I change it up once in a while. I'm also a big Star Trek fan, was there at the very start, and love the Honorverse books by David Webber. After seaching for over two years, I finally found a Honorverse mod for a game called Space Empires V, and just love it. I think the reason this game caught my eye was the ship art reminded me of Avalanche Press Great War At sea series of board games, of which I own all of them. I'm hoping to add the N3 and G3 series of battleships and battlecruisers for my war plan orange scenario, but most likely will have to use the Iowa ship art to represent them. Maybe in the futher you'll be able to make some new ship art, I'm afraid I can manipulate xml files pretty good, but have no talent when it comes to art-work. Already have the Lexington class battlecruisers and the Japanese 8-8 plan, but I had to start over so may take me awhile.

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