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Default Re: basic questions

Originally posted by Nick:
here are some basic issues/questions that I have run into in my first few hours with this game:

how many turns are in one year?
I have noticed that interest is not accumulated every turn and, similarly, stocks and investment funds don't increase every turn. So, what is the period between these changes?
Every 7 turns (or Staryears) in the game, everything is calculated; interest, income from tollbooths, the stock ticker is updated, etc.

what are the benifits and payouts for owning a tollbooth?
I had a tollbooth on every planet one game and I couldn't even notice the gains. For $30-50k a tollbooth, it seems that the benifits should be more apparent.

Interstelling Traveller 2 seems like a good game but I find some features hard to understand because of the lack of documentation. Hopefully, some feedback in the forums will make up for that
thanks in advance,
There is a readme.txt file located in the install directory (and in the Start menu) that explains most things in the game pretty clearly, I think. Did you read that?

The Toll Booths are used to collect income from visitors to the planet (and is displayed and collected every 7 turns). Just look at the "Toll Booth" graphic underneath the planet every 7 turns, and it will tell you how much was earned that term. It can range from 1,000 to up to 20,000 on rare occasions. Multiply by that several planets...and you can see big bucks can be made. It basically gives you a hassle-free income for the rest of the game, hence the high set-up cost.

Thanks and feel free to write here with any more questions and i'd happy to answer them.

Have fun!
Stormcloud Creations
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