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Default Re: Fun with Numbers

So I did some simple math:


1 Mil at 500 yards is equal to a 18 inch (0.4572m) circle.

Finding a drawing of a Panzer IVG and scaling off height of 2.68m; I get for Frontal Area:

Pz IVG Turret Frontal Area
2.06 x 0.62m = 1.2772m2 -- Square Shape
Missing area due to angles on each turret: 0.092m2
Since there are two sides to turret = 0.092 * 2 = 0.184m2
1.2772 - 0.184 = 1.0932m2 turret frontal area.

PzIVG Hull Frontal Area
Hull (2.45 x 1.29m = 3.1605m2)

PzIVG Total Target Frontal Area
1.0932 + 3.1605 = 4.2537m2

So from this, it appears that:

Stationary Fire: Target specific portions of a tank for weak spots -- target driver's vision scope, etc.

Fire From Halt: Target gross areas of a tank -- e.g. turret or hull, but you are likely to randomly hit either.

Moving Fire (Gyrostabilized): You have a decent chance to hit the tank; since your standard deviation of 1.308m in azimuth is less than the 2 to 2.45m width of a Panzer IVG and your elevation deviation is 1~ m; well under the 2.68m height of a Pz IVG.

Moving Fire (Non Stabilized): You're likely to miss, because your standard deviation for elevation (2.743m) is greater than the height of the Panzer IVG (2.68m).
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