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Default Re: winSPMBT - Brigade Combat Teams

Fellow Wargamers,

Proposed CAB Tank Team

After many contributions from fellow wargamers, I am beginning to narrow my focus to constructing BCT formations around the CAB. Here please note that we're using a 3x2 CAB Tank Team of an HBCT within winSPMBT context with the following C&C: A0-> Helos, UAV, Ammo, SP-A : B0 -> CAV, MechInf, Tanks, and Mortars as a way to demonstrate an Army organic fighting team within winSPMBT.

Note: In this proposal, an Infantry SAM team joins a Mechanized Infantry Squad, providing organic AA capability to the platoon. In our winSPMBT context, a new section of M1129s is also created. Additionally, a modification to the 00B12 creating an Attack/Recon Helo formation is required. Please note, this schema builds upon the existing blocks within winSPMBT so that we may create various combinations of an organic sustainable CAB tank or mech inf team. Such that, purchasing 3 mech inf platoons and one tank platoon creates a CAB Mech Inf team, or as represented in the link below, purchasing 3 tank platoon and 2 mech inf platoons creates a tank team, etc.

The core units are controlled by the Coy, while supporting units are under the control of the default A0 in our game.

We need your input. To date, we have relied on several publications published on the Net out of Ft. Lavenforth, KS for reference with current Army thinking and doctrine. I am of the opinion that the UAV should replace the Lt Attack Recon helo for example. Some Army designers are thinking of a three-tank platoon, although the current four-tank platoon continues.

One of the vexing issues in the Army is training units to fight as a team as opposed to cross-attaching units, where commanders may not know one another to the degree thought sufficient, is a thorny issue that the proposed Combined Arms Battalion is designed to answer. It is promoted as a way to ensure that the Army continues to dominate over any adversary.

Click here to see the chart 3x2 CAB Tank Team
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