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Default BCT briefings issues

I have bought the entire wargame set made with the use of ATF/AATF engine and I have quite positive feelings about that even though I still haven't gotten to play them much for a variety of reasons. All of the games may be ported into the latest engine version as it seems with the exception of the BCT as far as I can remember. So I decided to start with that and then move on to the other titles, I was particluary keen on the idea of the two Afghani operations, 2nd Para and the Kandahar Raid.However, I wanted to undergo some training first to test my skills in the field later on.

I am having issues with some briefings, especially with regard to TF INF 2-5 operations at Fort Polk, Louisiana - all of them are base on the same map which is absolutely natural, but moreover the same order is issued each time, regardless of the mission type and / or sequence of operation stages.

The problem is that I can hardly find the briefing elements on my operational map; for instance it is hard to refer to PL Tan as there are no such symbol on the map. It amounts to a situation in which I can hardly decide where to put the axes of advance for the elements of the force or how to plan an air assault. I was counting on those scenarios as they involve one of my favourite weapon type, namely light infantry on air assault missions / with heliborne insertions but so far I am very confused about what and where needs to be done.
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