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Originally Posted by Spledge View Post
The tone of that last response seems a bit rude.

Forgive me for over looking some of the early posed questions. I thought the suggestions offered were followed.

The campaign was one provided by either the CD or the v9 patch; the campaign is Roundhammer. I did modify the total points available during the purchasing phase using the edit campaign option after modifying some units months ago with no incident in the mean time.

As for the older modified units (I believe that is what the OOB stores and was modified using Mobhack provided modifier found in the Game Option interface), they have been over written during the last re-install.

Thanks for the help. least we now know which campaign was causing the problem. Pity we got ,,,,"at the end of a campaign's turn number one" in the first post instead of "at the end of the Roundhammer campaign's turn number one"....maybe we all could have quit guessing and actually test the campaign in question 10 days ago..... that campaign has been in there for years and this is the first report I am aware of any problem


I Ran the campaign. Bought forces then deployed, I then made the first turn move, ended turn 1. Turn 2 started. Game did not crash... ran game to end of that scenario ( as designers we can speed that up for testing ) it ended, let me fix or upgrade my force and on to scenario 2. I forced a victory for that and it went to the upgrade screen then on to scenario 3. There is no problem I can see with that campaign

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