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Default SE:V History v1.52


The latest beta version history. The hard-coded limit for 1 SY per planet is officially dead - modders are rejoicing everywhere!


Version 1.52:
1. Fixed - Restored maintenance calculation and SocietyTypes.txt values.
2. Added - Formula function "get_queue_ability_facility_count".
3. Added - Formula function "get_queue_specific_facility_count".
4. Added - Formula function "get_system_queues_ability_facility_count".
5. Added - Formula function "get_system_queues_specific_facility_count".
6. Removed - The hard coded requirement for only one space yard per planet.
7. Added - The requirement for only one space yard per planet to the facility requirements.
8. Fixed - Rare Index Error when a planet took too much damage.
9. Fixed - Units in cargo were not regenerating their shields each game turn.
10. Fixed - Sometimes units that took part in space combat would be off the map in ground combat.
11. Fixed - Create Planet was not working in the French and German versions.
12. Fixed - AI's were not responding to messages in the French and German versions.
13. Fixed - Empire List had overlapping text in the French and German versions.
14. Fixed - Simultaneous Turn Hot Seat games will no longer reload the graphics and data files each turn.
15. Fixed - A player in a simultaneous game will not be able to load their turn if their data files are different in any way.
16. Fixed - The data file check upon player load was missing some files.
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