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Default Rock the Cradle--Noob Only! (RUNNING)


Hey, all. This will be my first MP game, so I'm kind of wanting to wade in with people who aren't going to slay me within a few rounds lol. So... I'm thinking "noob" should be defined as no more than 3 MP games under your belt. I'm also wanting to avoid mods for my first game, so, um, no mods

The game will be PBEM, with lovely me as your host. Here are the parameters I was thinking of:

Middle Age.

"Cradle of Dominions" map.

Turns start at 24 hours; will adjust as necessary (I don't want to call this a "busy person" game, but I do want it to be a "has a life" game).

Number of players is hopefully ten, but if we can't get that within, say, a week, it's cool if we go to eight.

Non-standard settings: Score graphs disabled, 15 Hall-of-Fame. EDIT: By request, re-naming is allowed.

Diplomacy will be decided by vote... I really have no opinion, as it's my first MP game, so I'm good with the majority.

Water races are fine IF there are at least two of them. EDIT: We have two water races. Woohoo!

Abyssia - earwicker7
Arcoscephale - Korwin
Bandar Log - Colonial
Marignon - 13lackGu4rd
Pangaea - nrasch
R'yleh - CthulhuDreams

Atlantis Dead
Man Dead
Shinuyama Dead
Vanheim Dead

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