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Default Re: Rock the Cradle--Noob Only! (Recruiting)

Originally Posted by Korwin View Post
dips for Vanheim.

Whats the reasoning behind the disabled score graphs?
Not really against it, but ... it seems to be hard to make an reasoned choice without those graphs.
(well Scouts seems to be more important than they allready are.)

What are the choices for the diplomacy vote?
Alright, you're in.

I like the graphs being disabled just for realism. Imagine that you are a general, and you're considering attacking an enemy's army; what's the first thing you do? You check the graphs and say, "No, that won't work... even though I only see 200 soldiers and I outnumber them ten to one, my chart says they have five times more total troops than I do, and their dominion is crazy, so I'll hold off for now." I'd rather have players say, "I thought they were weak, then they destroyed me the next turn with their stealthed army!"

As far as diplomacy goes, my choice would be the following: no declaration of aggression needed, you can attack out of nowhere, but any treaties made are binding, with three turns warning needed to break them. This is just off the top of my head; I'm totally open to different ideas.
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