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Default Re: Is there a Shrapnel Games team for the World Community Grid?

Im an Internet Native (indigenous peoples who were there when the area was "discovered", claimed, and renamed by others). So Ive been here since day one. And for a long time my job was to investigate everything that hit the net to research its ramifications and potentials for the CEOs of various companies (Internet providers, lawfirms, developers).

Im no longer in a position to advise Shrapnel in such matters. But I consider them friends and wouldnt want them to jump without knowing more about the territory (not that they do anyway). I just wanted the options out there.

Annette might go for a research charity. I would think Tim might look for things in the area of Strategics and Simulations. I think there are some that civilian companies can donate time to. Altho I think the area of Distributed Computing which overlaps to Distributed Marketing or even Distributed Distribution might be something they would look into also. Im retired and I tend not to pursue such serious subjects anymore.

As to the idea of multiple DC apps, they tend to be designed to kick in like screen savers, then instead of putting the computer to rest they use all the available CPU for the shared project. So all available resource would go to whichever one kicked in first. You might write something to rotate them daily so that you provide to multiple projects but they also might be writing files involved with the receipt/delivery of the data. It could really foul up the projects you want to help if you got that wrong. I wouldnt recommend trying it. But kudos for wanting to.
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