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Default Re: Play balance issue? MG34 vs 50cal

Hi Felix thanks for your interest. In a nutshell what I am saying is that all HMGs whether 30cal or 50cal or their equivalents should get a range of about 30 hexes. Because that is about as far as either calibre can hit something because of their open Iron sights. The exception is the German Lafette tripod that comes with telescope and hydraulic buffers giving it a documented range of 60 hexes.

Playbalance Issue. Obviously German infantry becomes much more capable with a HMG firing out to 60. For the US pretty much -every- vehicle has a 50cal on the top and the ability of these to hose down infantry with suppression out to 40 hexes is a gross exaggeration. No US tanker even opened his hatch and fired his 50 cal at Enemy infantry 2 kms away. All the maxim derivatives HMGs had a lot of vibration which precludes accurate long range firing except on a very heavy tripod.

The German MMG actually doesn't exist MG34/42 came with either a bipod or the telescoped tripod, They could safely remove the 34 and 42 MMGs and free up 2 weapon slots.

I hope this is a bit clearer.
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