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Default Re: A Learning Experience (Newbie CBM1.92 EA) [recruiting]

Originally Posted by Austen View Post
It's your game, don't let us bully you! MA seems a bit more balanced to me. EA seems like it is dominated by bless rushes.

If you really want to do EA, then stick to it. I logged on to post that I was going to start a game with almost identical parameters except MA and I saw yours and decided to hold off so as not to cannibalize the noobs.

It could very well be that there are enough interested noobs to do both and I could do an MA and you could stick to EA.
I *do* want to try MA -- there are some interesting game mechanics that are MA-exclusive -- so if we have enough newbies for both I could also join yours. I'm already going to be joining another EA game, but I think I should be able to handle three games.

So how about this: if I don't get enough players willing to do EA then I'll change it to MA. Otherwise you can start the MA game and I'll be happy to join!

Also regarding turn length -- I'm having it at 48h quickhost to ensure people don't stall, but since it's quickhost and we have few players I'm expecting the turns to go faster. 24h quickhost is going to be too short for those like me who can only commit turns when they find the time in the evening.
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