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Default 7 AARs worth reading

Sometime ago I went through the various web sites looking for some of the original AArs that were written.
Unfortunately many were on the old Warfare HQ or the Strategyzoneonline sites and hence somewhat lost.
After a bit of scratching around in cyber space I dug out these 7 AARs.

I have converted them from HTML to PDF but unfortunately they are big. Click on the link to down load the PDF file.
  1. ATF-Death Valley Attack(KB).pdf - 2.76 MB
  2. Death Valley - Task Force Attack.pdf - 3.60 MB
  3. Death Valley - Task Force Defence.pdf - 2.69 MB
  4. National Training Center (Mission 2)-Hidden Valley Attack.pdf - 5.53 MB
  5. National Training Center (Mission 3)-Crash Hill Defense.pdf - 1.95 MB
  6. National Training Center (Mission 4)-Colorado Wadi Attack.pdf - 2.78 MB
  7. Second Gulf War (Mission 4) - Baghdad Assault.pdf - 3.9 MB

The Hidden Valley Attack AAR as provided above is a little different to the actual scenario as provided in the game.

I also have a nice article many may have read. It comes from the ARMOR Magazine.
How to Defeat the Motorized Rifle Company At the National Training Center:
Observations from an MRC Commander, by First Lieutenant Sean P. Hazlett, May-June 2002

It’s a PDF file about 600 kb I don’t consider that it should be posted here but if anyone wants a copy PM me and I can email it to you.
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