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Default Re: Blitzkrieg Banzai? (SP1 Conversion)

Since this is the "lets recover old stuff" thread; here's my analysis of the old Wargamer Scenario Depot Circa 2016:

Someone got metadata for the 4,833 scenarios at the Wargamer's Depot and only managed to actually download 1,449 scenarios.

I did my own analysis of the metadata and found:

199 x SPMBT related items
107 x SPWW2 related items

Unfortunately, the 1,449 scenarios downloaded only start at item 3283, meaning that if something has a metadata ID lower than 3283, it's "lost".

SPWW2 (42 items = 39% are lost)
SPMBT (62 items = 31% are lost)

One of the lost items is Robert Mendoza's "Campaign 1940"; a 10 scenario campaign with Rommel's 7th Pz Div -- he also did the "China '37" and "Soviet 44 / 32ya Tankovaya Brigade 1944-45" campaigns currently in WinSPMBT.

Another lost item, having an ID of #435 is:

Steel Panthers: World War II : French Super Heavy Tanks 6/40

File Author : C. B. Blackard
File Added : 21 SEP 2002

Location : Northeast of Langres
Opponents : French German
Date : 13 JUN 1940

Description :

French delay vs. German advance.

This is a hypothetical scenario depicting the French 70-ton FCM-2C super heavy tanks in action in the final days of the war in the west in 1940. See the text file for more information.
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