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Default Re: SP and SPAA Developments

The problem with artillery/guns is the necessary case thickness (durability) to withstand explosive acceleration limits the amount of explosive each shell can have. Additionally if traveling 1500km heating from air friction is going to be a major issue. Railguns already have a problem with their solid rounds vaporizing if not made from very specific, and expensive, materials.

Currently the standard aircraft bomb averages around 250-500kg of explosive, the 155mm artillery warhead has around 7kg. So you'd need about 36-70 155mm's to do the damage of one bomb. And even with GPS (or whatever) hitting a point target at 1500km is going to be problematic. A 250kg bomb can "afford" to miss by 10-20m, a 155mm warhead can't.

Nice project, I'm sure some valuable data will be collected from the research, but don't expect to see a practical, functional, gun anytime soon.
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