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Default Re: SP and SPAA Developments

PTH-130 - K255B (Vietnamese: Pháo Tự Hành 130 ly - Khung Gầm KrAZ-255/English: KrAZ-255-mounted 130mm self-propelled field gun) of Vietnam People Army making a surprise apperance on a QPVN channel. The PTH130-K225B 130mm SPG developed by the Military Technical Institute.

The Vietnamese SPG strongly resembles Cuba's Jupiter V SPG and is implied to be based upon it due to Cuban-Vietnamese military cooperation. Both use the older Soviet M1954 (M-46) 130mm towed field gun as their main weapon.

The intention to create the PTH130-K225B can be traced back to 2017 after it was announced that plans would be made to do so following the successful trials of the PTH105 (old American 105mm howitzers on the chassis of a Ural).

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