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Default Re: Tools and Tutorials

this is a little windows app i threw together to that will compress tga images to rle, thought it might be of use to people out there. it will take 24 or 32 bit non-rle and rle images and output 24 bit rle images. i suppose if there is a demand for it i could expand the functionality, but right now this suits my purposes fine.

i remember seeing somewhere that old dom2 maps sometimes used the alpha channel, though it had no in game affect, and the alpha bits were causing problems in dom3. this app will fix that problem, as it just strips out the alpha channel if it is present.

to use it, drag a supported tga (or multiple supported images at once) onto the app. the files will be converted and saved in the same directory, with .rle.tga extension rather than .tga. other than that the names are identical, none of the old files are overwritten, deleted or modified.

hope this is useful

edit: you have to install a couple of dlls to use this, don't blame, blame m$. you can get them here
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