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Default Re: OK, assuming you DON\'T have triggers...

Wow, you guys are nuts. Uh okay I'll do you the courtesy of ceasing to post in this thread of mine, since obviously I'm being ignored.

I've made it pretty clear that it's difficult to program random/dynamic AIs and as a result that demand would fall outside the realm of possibility for an SEV mod or for SEVI, and that a much more feasible method would be to simply spread the various "paths" that a truly dynamic AI might take across a range of AIs, by prioritizing techs and building/battle tactics in different ways for different races.
Instead of responding to anything I've said on that matter, you lot are content to keep going on about hypotheticals and abstract ideas. Fine, cool, I'm not saying you're wrong - but it's really immaterial, isn't it? Nothing that you're saying is related to the immediate objective of pumping this game up a bit - it's all just empty chatting. If you'd spared a post or two to even attempt addressing the points that I STARTED this thread to talk about, I wouldn't care what else you say, but instead you just ignore them completely. And then Kwok shows up, and instead of encountering a discussion that might've actually been of some use to him as he mods this game into enjoyability, he's just faced with your endless hypotheticals to comment on.

heavens to betsy but you're all a bunch of sillypusses
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