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Default Re: OT: BSG - wtf?

OK, I've finally finished watching all of the Season 3 episodes. It still doesn't explain out of all of the billions of humans that existed prior to the cylon attack, these 4 people are still living. Just the odds of them surviving the attack were astronomical, let alone to be in or near persons of power. You got Tigh, who's apparently been a Cylon for 30 years without knowing it, and is a bosom buddy to Adama AND second in command of the Galactica (although a pretty lousy one). There's Tory, who's Roslin's chief of staff. I'm still wandering if Lucy Lawless's charachter had anything to do with killing off Billy, since we never even saw Tory until Bill was killed off. Awful darn coincidental, seems to me. There's Chief Tyrol, who's the only surviving CPO of teh ship, with access to all of the Vipers and Raptors. And there's Anders, who through his marriage to Starbuck, has access to the pilots. How did the Cylons know where to place these people? And who's the 5th one? Have you noticed that all of them have a T in their name? From the premier episdoe, we found out that Anders middle initial is T. Could that mean Kara Thrace is teh 5th cylon? We only have about 19 episodes to find out.
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