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Default Re: The Things That Worked In SE V

I still fail to see what all the fuss was about the interface, once you learn a few hotkeys, the right click menu, and learn how to scrap facilities, the only truly "clunky" part is the design screen when you have to build stuff bigger then light cruisers(like I wish I could switch decks with a hotkey or while I'm holding a part, not sure if I can or not, I've never looked into it). Aside from that I just save a few layouts in the colony, queue, fleet and planet displays, and turn on all the system/planet info I need in the empire options and I'm good to go.

I used to play myst and riven a lot, maybe thats why I can get around in SEV and Blender better then the average user...

I liked the space combat as a simultaneous, real time system with strategies or pauses to issue orders.

The Hex Grid, it was wierd at first but I'm liking it. I kinda wish the planets revolved, maybe had moons. I still like Stars! floating points and vectors with the fuel usage determined by engine quality. I'd like to see SE6 have a full on revolving planetary system, the planets to have moons and a non-grid based movement system with combat based on weapon range.... Think like each system is a small revolving Stars! map connected by the warp points.

There's not really a whole lot I don't like about the new SEV, random AI wierdness and some parts of the stock research tree aside not a whole lot bugs me.
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