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Default Re: The Things That Worked In SE V

Planets do have moons... they are just in different sectors than the parent planet now. It's trivial to adjust them back to the Same As positioning, but you will run into clipping issues from the overlapping models.
yeah that's what I mean, like in SE4(iirc) the moons were in the same sector asthe planet and you could colonize them, and in combat didn't they used to show up in addition to the planet? I remember loading a moon up with fighters and weapon platforms, they were like cheap space stations.
... and the Balance Mod's implementation of Fyron's planet mod did allow for rotating planets and stars. Which was a bit of eye-candy I did like, especially with the mild atmospheric glow.
Revolving, as in orbiting, as in it moves every turn around the sun.

Just a dumb thought, is it possible to have a component give movemnt points to another ship? like say you could get the tractor beams to pull space stations and crippled ships around... Always wanted that...
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