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Default Re: Game Suggestions

GeorgiaBoy, what kind of quests did you have in mind?

As for a Space Hulk mod, I agree, RAG is very well suited to having these different character types and various pieces of equipment and weaponry. All we need is mission objectives, as GeorgiaBoy suggested.

Looking at the mission book I can see:

Suicide Mission: Deliver a flamer hit on the control room
Exterminate: Kill 30 stealers before the squad is destroyed
Rescue: Get the undamaged C.A.T safely to an airlock
Cleanse and Burn: Get a Flamer hit on both of two gene banks
Decoy: move 5 marines off the map at the point shown on map
Defend: Stop stealers damaging the duct wall for 16 turns

Objectives could be specified in the LevelInfo for a given map. How could we do this kind of thing?




We could catch killing 30 stealers by assigning them a known XP (e.g. 2) and setting XP(60) as a win condition.

Now how about the other missions?

Suicide, needs a flamer hit on the air duct. We could write a plug-in for area of effect weapons, then script up a little object that was immune to anything except fire. We would need to be able to add new types of room, like air locks etc. so there's a little more work with this mission.

Just thinking out loud how all this could be done. It's not technically difficult, I think it would just need a gathering of minds to get it done cleanly.
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