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Default Re: Dom3 programming/scripts to reset timers

OK the game started with --hours 24 --quickhost
Now I get a request for changing it to 36 hours. No problem. Take the game down, change the script to --hours 36 --quickhost, start the game back up.

Now I get another request, this time for an extension. Dont change the timer, just add 6 hours to it. Grrrrr..... ok. Take down the game, --hours 42 --quickhost, restart. When you notice that the game has hosted, take it down, --hours 36, restart.

But wait, theres more. The players are watching the onscreen countdown. When you got the request, you did the change when the timer showed 8 hours to go. So you extended it too far. And by the time you saw the hosting, it was 3 hours into the timer and you reset it too far. I have things to do. I want to go out. I dont want to catch it RIGHT at a specific time.

so I should be able to use the --preexec --postexec switches to manage this...
IF there is a then instead of hosting, SHUTDOWN Dom3, switch the for, RESTART.
But that would start the timer and go 36 hours till next hosting. Also what happens to the chaining of shells? Which preexec is still running? Plus shutting down the game at that point might catch someone logged into the game trying to squeeze under the wire which can create corrupted files. And some people never disconnect, or they incorrectly disconnect (using the big red X instead of quit/disconnect), so it never looks like no one is connected to some of the games.
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