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Default Re: Dom3 DB v3.23b

Bump to the top.

Greeting, old friends, if any of you are still around...

I've been away from Dominions for a long time, but with upcoming release of Dom5 I am feeling inclined to get back into the Dominions fold.

So, since I've skipped Dom4 entirely (after playing like half a hundred of Dom2 and Dom3 competitive MP games for 5 years), I was wondering if there is any statistics of how many new spells/items/magic sites has been added to Dom4, and how many will be added to Dom5?

I've dug around the net, and it looks like Dom4 references are easily available (Dom 4 mod inspector)

However the excellent "dom3 DB" database that I've used a lot in the past I couldn't locate anywhere online - all links I've found were dead.

Does anybody know where I could get that dom3 DB reference material by any chance?

Also, what's your general gut feeling - how much new stuff has been added to Dom4, and how much will be added to Dom5?

Thanks a lot!
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