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Default Re: Salvo! dead?

Dead? Well... I don´t know.

My name is Jose Carlos and I´m from Spain (I assume, Antonio, you´re from Spain, too). Maybe in near future we can try a PBEM game, if you want... also, there´s a website called "Punta de Lanza" where we´ll try to organize a competition or something like that... not now, but in nearly future if we got people interested in).

It´s year 2012, and I´ve just discovered this little great game
I tried the DEMO and I think it´s a very good wargame. Graphics and sound are awful, but "fulfill their duties". I´m spending my free time playing with the DEMO and tutorials and when you get used with the interface you see that everything works as it should

I´ve ordered the SafeBox complete game and now I´m waiting for the delivery to arrive at home!

I know it´s too late but... Congratulations to ShrapnelGames and Spruegames for making this game for so little niche market!

Kindest regards!
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