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Default Re: British Forces since 2000

It seems Challenger 2 MBT is going to get an upgrade to extend its service life out to about 2035, including improved turret systems and optics, but not a new gun (ie, it will retain the 120mm rifled L30A1). It remains to be seen if the upgrade will include any form of active anti tank missile defence, although The Royal Armoured Corps would certainly like this. The upgrades are expected to start in 2019. Not all the 227 British Challenger 2's will be upgraded.

Meanwhile two points on Chally 2 in the game. In addition to the coaxial chain gun and loaders AA MG, they can also carry a remote controlled 7.62 MG, or .50 MG or auto 40mm grenade launcher.

Challenger 2 also seems a little slow, especially off road, in the game to me.
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