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Fallout Re: British Forces since 2000

Maybe the following will be of some use though it appears the speed is about right @ 59kph(37mph)/40kph(25mph) from the following refs. Some speed sacrificed in the name of protection not too bad a trade off. But the difference is obvious in the power plant, it's not a turbine driven engine. As a side note the "E" model had a significant electronics upgrade to include the gunners stabilized sight w/LR with a range of 200m -10,000m (660ft. - 6.2mi.) that's pretty darn good. I was thinking the "TES" would be the right candidate for the expanded TI/GSR 50 originally, but I believe the newer "E" model is w/o a doubt the best choice, though as the game currently stands it would be the earliest to achieve the mark by almost 5 yrs. with the LECLERC not very far behind. Anyway...

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