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Default Re: British Forces since 2000

There has been some recent talk around in some, generally non Tanker, sections of the British Army about Challenger 2 getting long in the tooth.

In fact it probably still has the best armour of any MTB. The 120mm rifled gun is also still fine, although ammo stocks are now limited (although some new rounds seem have been made in Belgium for the gun) The upgrade for Challenger 2 will include looking at sourcing new ammo stocks.

Challenger 2 lacks an active anti-tank missile defence (something like the Trophy system used by Israel) but this probably could be fitted in an upgrade. It would certainly be worth it if it is to remain in service out to 2035.

After that the smart money seems to be on UK getting involved with the USA or, perhaps, Germany for an ultimate replacement.

With regard to speed 59 kmh seems right. It is commonly said that Warrior IFV's have had problems keeping up with both Challenger and Challenger 2 off road.

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