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Default British Naval gun support 1945-1982

British Battleship support was available until 1959.

14 inch guns on four King George V class ships until 1956/57. 15 inch guns on HMS Vanguard until 1959, she was scrapped in 1960. (HMS Nelson and Rodney with 16 inch guns were decommissioned in 1947).

8 inch gun heavy cruiser support was available until HMS Devonshire was sold off in 1954/55

6 inch support was available until 1979, and, had the Falklands War lasted longer both HMS Tiger and HMS Blake were being prepared for further service from reserve in 1982. Both were found in good condition and there was lots of 6 inch ammo available. By then both these light Cruisers had two automatic 6 inch guns (plus two auto 3.5 inch guns).

These two ships also had large flight decks and hangers that could hold 4 x Sea King Helicopters and Harriers could also use them for re-fueling, etc.

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