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Originally Posted by llamabeast View Post
Because it's set up for a army situation, I want them to rest for 4 turns so they won't be fatuged and able to cast bigger spells when the scripting ends
Their fatigue doesn't drop by resting, unless they're already over 100 fatigue, in which case the scripting makes no difference. Or unless they've got an earth bless.
I'm on about top mages (the lower ones can die to assasins all the time, I don't care) they will have revig items always (normally around 10)

Originally Posted by llamabeast View Post
Who do you play MP with? I think assassinations are generally fairly rare in MP because in order to make a decent assassin you have to put a fair bit of effort in, which is probably more than the cost you'll cause to your opponent by killing a mage or two. There are exceptions of course, and things like Earth Attack are definitely common, although obviously they're pretty late game.
Earth attack is very common. Which is 99% effective. And late game (turn 60ish on high research?) maybe, but I still think it makes the game very annoying if not unplayable when your best heroes are dieing to a random elemental, not becasue they got stomped or punched. Rather becasue they ran? I just think that is unfair.

Give an assasin a frost brand and whatever armour is best against the element your opponant best uses and you'll find them easily killing two. Little cost, high gain imo. Once they get smart then you've just taken out 5xmages worth of troops out of their army in paranoia. Whats worse is if you make them do that with basic assasins then send an earth elemental at their top mages (or their army) they are sure to run becasue of their new bodyguards
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