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Default Re: Assassinations

Some good ideas there!

The issue is with the people that can defeat earth elementals, not the ones that can't... my top mages need to be set to be able to kill other things during the battle and without bodyguards during the battle they will be vunl to flying troops...

Swings and round abouts I know, I just think that the way things are atm makes it stupid. I don't mind loosing men to a good assasin, I think it's great! GJ! But when someone runs from an assasin to die and doesn't even give it a shot makes me feel angry and not wanting to play (game breaking).

Everything else about dom3 plays how you expect. Why not this? There must be better options (like paralizing them in fear for failed moarle) instead of running and dieing so at least I can see it happening...
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