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Default Re: Ukraine OOB79 error.

Originally Posted by DRG View Post
Not in my copy of the OOB's

// Icon0110.shp---------- NEW winSPMBT v9

{11056, 11057}, //3976. T-80 Desert ********NEW winSPMBT v9
{11058, 11059}, //3977. T-80 winter ********NEW winSPMBT v9

IDK what you are seeing or why but there was a problem with the background on one of the Icons in that Icon file and I re-issued it but it's not the way you see it in my OOB's or the "virgin" copy of the game I use to check things like this

see this thread

In my copy there was no problem with the background and icons 3976, 3977 were of a BMD (?)
I reinstalled the game and I see the correct icons now.
Maybe (?) I missed an update when installing it IDK...
Nevermind, thanks for your help.
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