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Default Re: Lord of the rings module

Originally posted by gozman99:
if anyone is working on a lord of the rings module i'd be pleased to help. I can't do one on my own as i do not yet have the full Version of the game. I would be pleased to help you out with the art, coding or anything that you cannot do yourself.
I haven't heard of anyone working on such a module. LOTR would be a great setting for a module though. There are a lot of nice themes for different maps: A mazelike map for the mines of Moria, A forestmap for the Ents, an something creepy for Mordor :-).

One drawback of the demo is that the maps are so boring and predictable. They should have put at least one of the more complicated maze-maps in the demo. (the icecaves instead of the desert town for example, much more fun to explore)

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Dungeon odyssey modules:

Christmas module v1.05 (attached to first post)

Xerathul's Revenge v0.5
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