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Default Re: Lord of the rings module

Originally posted by bearclaw:
...Here's a thought. Is there anyway, can anyone think of a way to make it that the starting place is different depending on the class chosen? If so, the Hobbits could start in Hobbiton, Elves in Mirkwood, etc. And the first quest for everyone would be to get to Rivendall...
Well, that is pretty easy actually, if you don't mind splitting the campaign into chapters.

So, you'd have Chapter 1: Hobbit or Chapter 1: Elf with different starting points and perhaps quest, but can reuse all the maps that you will need for other parts anyway. So it just a matter of changing a few things.
All these 'opening adventures' would end in Rivendell. Then you would start Chapter 2 with the character you used before. Actually that way you could make branching storylines.

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