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Default Re: Lord of the rings module

Having the module in different chapters could make creating the game easier as it all wouldn't have to be completed at the same time.

Here's an idea (call for volenteers):
The basic story from Hobbition to Rivendell is known, but is there anyone willing to do a sub-story for

Anyone want to volenteer to design a short first chapter for these character types? The Ranger adventure would be to Bree instead of to Rivendell, but all the others would have their destinations to Rivendell.

I've got a list of certain aspects for continuity reasons, but other than that, these 1st chapter adeventures would be short (2-3 maps tops.) and completely up to the individual authors.

If you are interested, give me an email and I can provide some details to make sure it fit into the whole scheme of things.

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