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Default Re: Lord of the rings module

[quote]Originally posted by Rollo:
Originally posted by bearclaw:
[qb]...Here's a thought. Is there anyway, can anyone think of a way to make it that the starting place is different depending on the class chosen? If so, the Hobbits could start in Hobbiton, Elves in Mirkwood, etc. And the first quest for everyone would be to get to Rivendall...
I think that it's possible to have one way level connections in the game. you could make a first level with one way connections to each of the starting quests (this would not be part of the actual game, just level selection)people could cheat and enter the dwarven levels with a wizard or elf though.

Is it possible to set the starting equipment of a character class? that way you could make them start with a key for their own quest-entrance..
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