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Default Re: Lord of the rings module

Originally posted by henk brouwer:
Maybe you could even use the keys later in the module, (give wizards acces to 'special' shops with magic stuff, that other characters shouldn't have etc) I can't look into the text files from where I am, but that would require a key that isn't 'consumed' on use. I'm not sure whether that is possible or not...
I am not 100% sure, but I think keys are always consumed when used. You could of course add multiple keys to the starting characters. Enough supply to open all the 'character specific' doors in the game.
But I have to point out that this a very imperfect solution, becuase of Thieves lockpicking.

If restricting certain items to classes that can be done as a restriction of the item itself:
Requirement Type, Class Required.

Originally posted by bearclaw:
graphics needed: elves, ents
I was also concidering a darker, more overgrown look for Fangorn, but the standard woods would do.
As Henk already suggested, check out the forest in Hack and Slash. It has elves and ents and has a somewhat darker feel. With just a few tweaks to the trees that are allowed for random selection, it can also be made even darker.

Originally posted by bearclaw:
Thanks. I haven't had the time to go through your Hack and Slash mod yet (although I have tried it a few times. Very nice indeed).

I've come across a new problem though, There is a set of fields in the XXXX_Tiles.txt file to set the connection type for the N,E,S,W sides of a tile. Are these not enabled? Because they don't seem to do what they are suppose to.

And another thing. I've done the Terrain and Tile files for the Starting Chamber map (where you choose which door to pass depending on your charcter) and Hobbiton. But in the Mapgen utility, I only have access to the Hobbiton Tile file instead of both of the one's I've got so far. Any suggestions?
If you want just a quick look at the forest, but don't have much time: Go to \Hack and Slash\Data\ModuleData.txt and change 'Starting map' from 2 to 20 .

I am not sure what exactly your problem is with the connections and the placement of the tiles in Mapgen. Please post all relevant files here or send them to me per email ( I can have a look at them, if you wish.

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