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Default Re: (Vers.10/2017) spob16,Unit 700 holding 1000lbs Bombs

Originally Posted by blazejos View Post
Just I d'like to add that P-38 Wilk as a prototype was not used during September 1939 but was intended to be build in 1940. Poland for their future aircraft has a 20mm gun wz.38 the same which were used in TKS in FK-A variant but aircraft variant was called 20mm wz.38 FK-D and were modified to have better speed of fire. FK-D was intended to be a future heavy MG for polish aircraft's which wasn't build because defeat in 1939.

Just do like to propose to move PZL P-38 Wilk to blue OOB. That will free in polish OOB class of ground attack aircraft’s and weapon slot with 20mm FK-D like Horten Go-229 will be there for some what-if sceneries where Poland survive September 1939 and developing of polish weapons go ahead.
It's in ground attack class AS A PROTOTYPE...if you want to "What if" then change the OOB yourself. I do not need an extra weapons slot clear in that OOB so it's just fine as it is.
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