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Default Re: Machaka screwed more than ever ?

Xietor said:
I would like to see the bane spiders recruitable everywhere as that would give machaka a whole new stealth attack strat to go with their spies.

it is too limited with them being capital only, and i would never miss recruiting a black hunter in any event as they are a great unit even in the endgame with web, poison.
From a gameplay, national flavor, I am actually opposed to Machaka having any stealthy non-capital troops or commander. I could go into that, but I don't have Dom3 in front of me at the moment, and would rather get my names right.

Anyways, the black hunter only overshadows the bane spider if you have enough dominion and funds. I find with high scales and low dominion that I can afford to regularly recruit some of the troop version (non-sacred) of bane spiders along with the black hunters who are sacred. After a few turns, I have enough stealth troops to warrant a bane leader.
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