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Default Re: The State of World Supremacy

I did contact via email and got a response from Aaron. He did tell me that the only instructions availible for making mods is in the manual, but it only list what the data files are for not any detail of how to change the parameters.

Also he said there is no expected future updates or patches for WS. I think as you have already known we are on our own.

I thought of another idea to give the AI a greater advantage.
I already mentioned that by not building any Factories and having to move my units from the only factory to the front line does provide a challenge of logistics.

The new way which I have not tryed yet but sounds promising is to take 1 or more units and give it the special ability to increase resources for the teritory it is in and I will not build that type of unit giving the AI an advantage in resources.
I thought about doing that with the Rocket Arty which the AI seams to like to produce alot of and use. I personally do not produce many of the Rocket Arty when on the offense, which of course I am against the AI.

Just copy the values from the City and add it to any unit you wish, for example

Number Of Special Abilities := 1
Special Ability 1 Type := Territory Money Modifier
Special Ability 1 Description := Increases money from this territory by 10%.
Special Ability 1 Amount := 10

Of course if the AI builds several of these units in the same region the AI can get a big boost in resources. Not sure if the AI will build this type of unit just for this purpose?
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