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Default Re: Helo News game related.

Have a question will be usefully if I will done this new icon's for Mi-2 with ATGM's and MMG's for other than only polish OOB will be some benefit from that for the game?

I looked for Mi-2 versions

Mi-2T basic transport (may be armed in 2xPK in rear windows)
Mi-2P Vip transport
Mi-2US (Uzbrojenie Strzeleckie) NS-23mm & 4 PK MMG's on sides installed on small wings 30 examples build because not very effective rebuild to different versions letter. First deliveries to units in November 1973
Mi-2URN (Uzbrojenie Rakietowe Niekierowane) NS-23mm & 2PK in windows & 2x pods with 16 57mm rockets unguided S-5K or S-5M on small wings first build in this version in 1972 some rebuild from Mi-2US 26 build. First delivery January 1973
Mi-2URP (Uzbrojenie Rakietowe Przeciwpancerne) NS-23mm & with Malutka guided rockets 4 rockets on sides + 4 additional inside for fast reloading. Between 1975- 1985 44 build for LWP. Last 3 build in new standard Mi-2URP-G rest in meantime rebuild for this new standard
Mi-2URS(Uzbrojenie Rakietowe Samonaprowadzające) NS-23mm & with Striela-2M rockets build as "fighter" against aircraft's. Experiments starts in 1982 but such specialised helicopter with limited AA capabilities rockets wasn't very usefully so was decided to go with mixed next version. So this variant was only experimental
Mi-2URP-G (URP plus Gad), Know as "Gniewosz-Salamandra" NS-23mm & with combined 4x Malutka and 4x Striela 2M rockets ( 2x Gad pods). Only 3 build as new helicopters rest rebuild from variant Mi-2URP. So they were armed with 4x Malutka'and 4x Striela 2M. Sometimes in units armed with 2x Malutka and Gad pod from one side and 1x pod with 16 57mm rockets S-5K/M from other side that configuration was used because flexibility during training. In 2007 14x helicopters of armed variants were modified with Night vision googles.


Mars-2 pod

Malutka firings pod

Malutka and Gad from Gniewosz-Salamandra

Mi-2 "Platan" with device to lay minefields carry around 20 mines introduced in 1985 used until 1995

Mi-2D "Przełącznik" for carry HQ with radio devices and space for maps around 25 build since 1974 used until 2000

Mi-2RO (Rozpoznania Ogólnego) for general observation duties with aerial photo also since 1974 first armed only in PK guns in windows since 1977 also build in variant 23mm NS & 2x PK in windows.

Mi-2RM sea rescue unarmed variant & Mi-2RL inland rescue also without weapons but with search light 10 build since 1975

Mi-2RS "Padalec" with specialised equipment to detect atomic radiation levels on battlefield since 1978 letter added also device WDZ-80

Mi-2CH "Hekla with device to WDZ-80 for building a smoke cover for units in 1980 all helicopters Hekla & Padalec were equipped in smoke generators

Mi-2B build for Libya in 1979-80 with western King avionics and communication equipment. 40 build and used as armed version in Libya.

Mi-2 Plus improved engine & western avionics modernisation since 2000 in Poland used only by civilian users.

And here most famous Mi-2 in civilian version which comes to classic 007 story and played in "For your eyes only" Story of the pilot and machine witch English subtitles

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